Avonmore Protein Milk - The 'Get In Session' Series

PML and Carat wanted to create something that would connect Avonmore's protein milk with athletes and fitness fanatics in Dublin city. HeadCase teamed up with Flyefit Urban gyms, to create a month-long series of graffiti media specials that would take-over 5 of the busiest Dublin gyms and reach an audience of 30k + 

· HeadCase handled creative concept, design, project management, execution and video documentation.    

· 5x separate inspiring graffiti designs were created and executed in a one week period.

·   Addition of Avonmore Protein Milk branded fridges installed in each gym - and sampling conducted through the campaign.

·   A great start to an exclusive media partnership between HEADCASE and FLYEFIT - that will see more creative and wide reaching opportunities for brand activity. Get in touch for more details.