The ''  Street Art Workshops was set up by the HSE to educate teens on issues surrounding sexual health & relationships when growing up. In practice, the programme also covers topics such as peer pressure,  alcohol, online safety & LGBT. Headcase were tasked by the HSE to find a new, creative way to educate youths on these topics in an engaging, non-formal manner.

Though the medium of Street Art (and its focus on universal, social messaging) we conceived a unique 'Street Art Workshop' pilot programme. We developed a multi-layered concept consisting of an educational classroom session, followed by a hands-on workshop that would challenge students creatively, whilst also making them think about and discuss the social topics within the brand's educational remit.

From discussing & celebrating a student's individuality by creating their own 'Street Art Persona' piece to take home, to choosing from custom made stencil messages & imagery to work together on themed group pieces for their community centre; the workshop was designed to reach otherwise hard to reach, disadvantaged teens - and do so in a way that was immersive, fun and distinctly on brand.

After the overwhelming success and response from the students and organisers in four HSE supported community centres nationwide - the pilot programme is now set to become a permanent and ongoing part of the HSE youth communications programme in 2016.

This goes far beyond work for us. And We've loved every minute of it.

HC  <3

Headcase managed creative concept through to ongoing management. & execution...