Bringing Joyville to Life - The Irish Road-show

MC2, working on behalf of Cadbury - needed to find a way to bring the new Joyville creative to life for Cadbury in Ireland. They knew they needed a troop of Joyvillians and a fleet of quirky, fitting vehicles - that would the basis of what would become a high impact, theatrical introduction to the new Joyville concept.


  • HeadCase started with vehicle  concepts, proposing a modified vintage 71’ Beetle with confectionary display bonnet, 2 x Vintage Vespas, the p-5o (Smallest road car in the world) and a purple Cadbury Pennyfarthing bike

  • We soucred, created and modified above.

  • Our attention then moved to the chatacters. We worked to the brief back-story provided and developed it to suit our own troop of characters.

  • We cast 9 x performers,made up of professional pantomine actors, clowns & stage actors - each with Joyville roles.

  • We added bells, whistles, music and of course chocolate.

  • A 23 day tour of Ireland ensued, bringing the Joyville magic to stadia, shopping centres, towns, cities etc.

  • Significant PR generation and 50,000 units sampled.

  • We handled concept, design, execution and documentation.