Discover NI  -  Giro D’Italia 

Bike Sprints Simulation @ The Holiday Show

Discover NI were looking for a fitting way to promote the start of the Giro D’Italia cycle race in May. Their ideal audience in this instance was that of the holiday Show in the RDS main hall.

We responded with an activation proposal that would engage consumers in a fun, exciting way whilst linking the brand to the cycling theme, and developing the client database.


  • Our unique Goldsprints bike simulation was used connected to a branded digital screen
  • Two consumers went head to head in a 200 metre sprint - for fun, or or glory!
  • Times were recrorded as well as winners
  • Data captured from all entrants
  • All entrants were entered into a draw to win one of 2 x Super stylish, Custom Build DiscoverNI single speed bikes - supplied by HeadCase own brand-
  • One of the most unique and engaging activations at the entire show
  • The client imediately re-booked the format and activation to work at further trade shows and activations in both ROI and NI
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