Mountain Dew Energy - BTL & Promotions Partner

Pepsico approached us in 2010, seeking a new direction & strategy for their brand Mountain Dew. Global assets were directing towards skateboard and BMX - whilst Irish audiences were not fitting and providing the volume. The brand needed  a wide reaching experiencial, sampling, student reations, content creation & sponsorship programme. We were enlisted to carry out with this work. Key achievements included:


  • *World’s first brand alignment with ‘Brushboarding’ - the innovative , board-sports simulator.

  • Mountain Dew ran a free surfing academy with a team of 6 x surf instructors  in college campuses & events for 2 years in over 55 venues

  • Sourced and branded Ireland’s only twin cab Ford -350 Super Truck - as the Mountain Dew-mobile!
  • Created serious demand for the activation with proposals from almost every major college in the island of Ireland
  • The largest 3rd party activation allowed on campus in TCD (and invited back 4 times)
  • Global PR reach and case study used by Pepsico Global Agency Partners
  • Photo shoot with band Bastille enjoying a spot of Brushboading pre-festival
  • Nationwide sampling roadshows
  • A permanent DEW CREW Team used in activations and developing Student relations
  • Brokered energy sponsorship of the ‘Sea Sessions’ festival - after 5 years of Red Bull involvement.
  • Sponsorship of 25 events nationwide over 2 years
  • Creating high value content
  • Read Client Tesimonial here


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