Avonmore Slimline 'Bravery Wall' @ Great Pink Run 2016

Headcase partnered up with Carat on behalf of Avonmore Slimeline  to create a fun, engaging experiential piece at the Great Pink  Run in Phoenix Park, in aid of breast cancer awareness. The ' Bravery Wall' was a collaborative piece that encouraged participants and their families to get involved.

One side of the wall encouraged people to get their hands dirty and create a collaborative piece of art which, in the end would reveal a powerful, encouraging message. The other side of the wall was a wall of support and encouraged  people to write heartfelt messages of support to loved ones battling illness.

  ·   Headcase designed, created and executed the 'Bravery Wall' on site @ Great Pink Run.

·    High volume of pink hand paint was used by participants to help reveal the powerful message - 'I never knew what bravery was until I saw it in a friend'

·   A team of 4x brand ambassadors were on hand to encourage people to get involved and also to sample product.

· The wall was fully branded, creating great visibility at the finish line where runners opted to take a victory snap with the 'Bravery Wall' as a very fitting  background.