Just Eat.ie- Liberate your Lunchtime

Just Eat.ie wanted to promote their new  gourmet lunchtime take away range in a high impactful way that would create eye-catching awareness to their 'Liberate your Lunchtime' campaign.


·      5x ecocabs an a team of 2x promo staff were used over a 10x day activation tactically targeting ABC1 commuters heading to working in the morning and then again around lunch

·    We tactically targeted ABC1 commuters at high footfall commuter spots in the morning and again during lunchtime.

·   €3-off JustEat.ie discount vouchers were used as an incentive for passengers to pose with a photo mechanic or to download the JustEat.ie app.

·    Brand ambassadors were dressed in awesome, eye-catching orange jump-suit prisoner outfits to emphasize  the 'Liberate Your Lunchtime' campaign.

·      Over the 10 day campaign we achieved over 750 passengers and distributed approx 5,000 discount vouchers.