Just Eat @ The Taste of Dublin

Just Eat were looking to document their waiting service at the Taste of Dublin Festival in a way that showcased their creative idea and their brand. HeadCase were brought on board to capture this in the best possible way.

 ·    HeadCase proposed x 2 edits: A 30 second teaser piece to go live on Friday morning, and a full length campaign wrap-up vedette go live the following Monday.

·    HeadCase storyboarded both shoots and handled writing, editing and production.

·  HeadCase were also eager to show their skills at content capture and consumer engagement, and so interviewed and got waivers from over 30 people at the festival, asking them what they thought of the service order to add a more personal element to the videos.

·   HeadCase turned around the first edit in 12 hours, and the second in 36 hours.