McDonalds Instaprint Wall @ Dundrum Town Centre

Headcase were approached by Mediaworks to be the promotional and production partner for this unique campaign idea.  McDonald's wanted to create world's first ever Big Mac Instagram Mosiac and run a cross platform promotion, as well as a live event. HeadCase worked closely with Mediaworks and Instaprint and managed the site management, production, build, staffing & promotion elements. To watch full video, click here

 ·   The event was supported by a wide reaching, multi-platform #tasteispowerful campaign - which encourages users to share their tastes on instagram, with photos being used to create the love mosaic.  

·   Headcase liaised with Dundrum Town Centre management and site co-ordination team to achieve a perfectly suited site

·   Headcase designed and produced the event space & mosaic wall

·   Headcase staff and event manager managed the site on the ground, helping generate 2,900 instragm shares with people on the ground

·   The event ran over 3 days helping create a unique piece of artwork that will live on beyond the campaign.