Permanent TSB @ Ideal Home Show

Permanent TSB wanted to celebrate their main sponsorship of the Ideal Home Show at the RDS Ballsbridge in a way that was unique and innovative While also driving footfall in the area to the event. They wanted to promote the benefits of their brand and the event not only at the venue but around the entire surrounding area.

·    A fleet of 6x Ecocabs were used over a 4x day activation tactically targeting commuters around the area of the RDS heading to the Ideal homes show.

·   Brand ambassadors were dressed in Permanent TSB's signature orange, branded, t-shirts as well as branded photo frames for picture content.

·    Great interaction between brand ambassadors and commuters.

·    Over the x4 days the Ecocabs took over 750 passengers to the Ideal home's show..

.  3x video edits were planned shot and edited by Headcase, each video focusing on a different aspect of the event with vox pop interviews (Videos below).

                        .  Video 1: Ecocabs

                        . Video 2: Permanent TSB stand

                        . Video 3: The public reaction to the event.