Trocaire Roadshow

HeadCase joined forces with Trocaire and Mediaworks to promote Trocaire's 'Join The Fight For Justice'  campaign. HeadCase planned and developed a roadshow creating an eye-catching & engaging pop up zone that would allow us to promote and educate the public about Trocaire's charitable work and encourage participation, signup & donation this lent

  • A large Trocaire donation box prop was produced - The Public were encouraged to sign the box and 'Join The Fight for Justice'
  • A  caricature artist on-site offered drawings of consumer caricatures on their very own take-home personalised Trocaire donation box.
  •  HeadCase brand ambassadors dressed costumes to create a fun, welcoming atmosphere for everyone they engaged with.
  • Data capture was a key part of the campaign and contributed to its success.