Tropicana Commuter Sampling

Pepsico were looking to sample and drive trial of 25,000 units of Tropicana. The activity was to be specifically and highly targeted to ABC commuters and the reach was nationwide. Product temperature & team enthusiasm was of the highest importance. We worked with OMD and PML to create a tailored approach to the challenge.


  • Created a schedule of 17 days

  • Use of a refrigerated Ecobox sampling unit, branding, team & a supporting chiller van

  • At nationwide locations including commuter stops and busy morning points

  • Activated 3-4 hr days with a team of 3 x staff

  • Relatively low volume sampling (Apx 1,300 per day) alllowed for a more targeted approach and gave opportunity to engage more with the consumer

  • A permament team of reliable, friendly staff greeted consumers with a smile as they delivered tag lines to every consumer, re-enforcing the brand messages such as ‘Good days start with good mornings..’

  • Achieved target pf 25,000 units distributed - all at perfect product consistency

  • Video edited for case study use.